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Make-up steps

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Make-up steps, make-up and make-up, the most ideal make-up, is the traces of no makeup on the face, but it is bright and moving, showing a gentle or romantic or wild style. And most of the bride is expected to have the most flawless beauty of the life, to gather in the guest cloud, to meet every exclamation of eyes. Give people a sense of a bright eye, let people feel less heavy makeup, influence the vision. A shiny feeling with people.
To establish facial modification and eyebrow Makeup: 1. before the start of the eyebrow outside the Soke, such as between the two eyebrows, below the eyebrow, frown and thick part of the removal.
2. determine the color of the foundation
3. foundation modified face
4. powder
5. blush
6. thrush
7. eye shadow
8. Eyeliner
9. eyelash brush